Founder of the Pageant

Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu

Vanithadevi, fondly also called as Vanz in her industry, is the Director of Style Etiquette Pte Ltd; a professional style/image/etiquette consulting company that specializes in personal images, corporate managements, schools, and social etiquette programmes.
Winning her very first National Title, Mrs Singapore India 2013 was one amazing journey which introduced the calling and transformed Vanithadevi to what her presence is. From an intensive, 18 years experience in MNC, now a Mompreneur who is set to reach out to many women like her. She knows she had the right mindset and further her skills in the Style/Etiquette Industry. Today, with her flair of knowledge and skills, Vanithadevi goes all way out to make a difference to many lives. She believes that GOD has put gifts & talents inside everyone of us. When we develop that and believe in ourselves - that we have a purpose, and we can influence a change, we can rise out of any situations.
Finding her way through entrepreneurship (Style Etiquette) is not a bed of roses. Despite the struggles & challenges thrown to her, Vanithadevi stayed on focus to bring her Style Etiquette from regional to international visibility. Her undying passion, attitude and determination helped to forge her own path and explore new territories and avenues of reaching out to wider audience, including Vanz Centerstage( her very own youtube channel), Singapore’s first and only pageant organizer who created sensation of organizing & producing a reality concept TV show. VANZ CONNECTION is her very label, and she can proudly claim to be first owner to bring in her footwear of LED HIGH HEELS to Singapore!

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Organised by :

Style Etiquette Pte. Ltd.

We use best practices in the business of image consulting that creates joy and confidence from transforming lives personally and professionally. Our Mission continues to CREATE.DEFINE. REFINE
Everything moves faster, in today’s consumerist society. Opinion about a person is made more rapidly. Your “visual image” that forms the most important part of your non-verbal communication, plays a major role in this decision process.
Style Etiquette was created based on the philosophy that every individual success is simply achieved by showcasing your unique strengths and values.
Professional Image Services
 Image Workshop
 Personal Brand Programmes

Personal Style Services
 Color Analysis
 Style & Body Analysis
 Personal Shopper
 Wardrobe Review/Audit
 Social Etiquettes/Dining Etiquettes

Corporate Image Consulting
 Project an image that is appropriate, consistent and reflects the company’s values.
 Professional Business Etiquette

For Schools
 Engage students in highly informative, yet light hearted workshops which addresses topics such as grooming, public speaking, personal image management, job interviews do’s & dont’s, social graces and everyday etiquette.

Beauty Pageants
 Pageant Etiquettes
 Stage Deportment/Presence
 Interview Skills (Q&A)
 Catwalks

Vanz Connection

First ever footwear LED HEELS Designed & Brought to Singapore by Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu. These heels are about 6 inches high, transparent and easy buckle fit. The LED lights colors are Blue/White/Red. These heels can be also without LED Lights. The design is specifically to cater for comfort & stability. The Sizes available in EURO 34 to 46. These super comfortable heels are suitable for Dancers, Pageants, Pole Dancing or simply for Statement Style.
Please note that ALL FINALISTS in SINGAPOLITAN WORLDWIDE will get a pair of the Heels (W/WO LED)

A Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative 2019

The Pink Ribbon

“THE PINK RIBBON” is an initiative created for the Singapolitan Worldwide Pageant 2019/20.
Through this pageant platform, an awareness that unites & inspires people globally, to create a Breast Cancer Free World. All Finalists joining this Pageant, will be involved with this initiative. This initiative is an important task to be undertaken by all Finalists; 40 % of the Pageant Scoring will be based on how creatively and inspiring the Finalists bring awareness of THE PINK RIBBON in their very own country. Finalists will have to showcase their initiative drive through campaigns, talks, documentaries, team building activities, etc.
Time To Take Action…
Time to increase Education & Awareness
Time To Make Patients/Survivors Live a Better, Healthier Lifestyle

Singapolitan Worldwide Beauty Pageant

Our curiosity drives us to do the best, until we explore all avenues.

  • Ms Vanithadevi : +65 8161 3496
  • Ms Vanessa : +65 82827869
  • E-Mail :
  • No. 21 Woodlands, #06-45 Primz Bizhub,
    Singapore - 737854